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We Seed Digital, A project and An impact for the positive planet

WeSeedDigital: Crowdfunding for a better positiv planet thanks to recycling

48 million digital devices (printer solutions), break down each year, and only 200,000 are repaired. The rest constitutes nearly 6 million tonnes of non-recyclable waste, placed dangerously somewhere in our streets and the cost of management to the community is significant.

Faced with powerful distributors, such as CANON, Hewlett Packard, Brother, Samsung, whose repairers are sometimes suspected of being mainly sellers,

Do not forget :

90% of users are helpless when it comes to repairing their printer or copier.

73% of users say they throw away their printer at any cost, when they no longer work

Faced with a number of printers thrown on the ground, in the open, the urgency is to act for respect for the environment, a better planet through recycling, a collaborative economy

Equipped with this observation, I want to build a citizen workshop for recycling and repairing old #printers, #copiers as well as #toners #cartouches. Do we place recycling at the center of tomorrow's societal and environmental concerns and issues?

It is absurd to see tomorrow our street corners, our environment polluted with non-recyclable waste when they could be used in another life

This reintegration workshop will propose employing people in search of economic reintegration, long-term unemployed, refugees, etc.

We want to make the repair of printing solutions Maintream. This translates into the setting up of team building and team learning sessions, in a didactic and fun spirit.

It is our responsibility to provide as many people as possible our resilient and benevolent energy, our support and our technical and operational know-how for a more digital and inclusive world. Thus, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we are therefore sharing the fruit of our expertise and knowledge with the greatest number of people, the most significant positive impact and transforming many organizations.

And you ? What would you do with your old copiers or broken down printer as they approach end of life or end of contract?

Will you share our values ​​and this responsibility to act and develop while respecting these principles. It is also very beneficial for the planet!

We have published a crowd funding project to create a solidarity workshop on repair and recycling. I am therefore counting on your participation. As modest as it is! I thank you very much for that already. Here is the link to the funding platform:




Don't hesitate to share it around you!

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